Our children come from families devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the main cause of death among adults in Africa. In addition, families deal with other health concerns including malaria, diarrhea, tuberculosis, typhoid and maternal and infant mortality. Among children, the main cause of death is malaria. Protective mosquito nets are the major barrier in the fight against malaria, but most families lack resources to acquire them.


In 2012, we opened the St. Francis Health Center – the first healthcare facility serving the population of 8,000 in Migyera – that provides safe, reliable inpatient, outpatient, adult and pediatric primary care services, as well as minor surgery.

Donations to our healthcare program fund the HIV program, medical staff, supplies, malaria prevention, and maternal and child health programs. You can also support an HIV/AIDs patient through our partnership with MILDMAY Uganda which provides medication and food supplements.

Sponsor an HIV/AIDS patient: $100/yr.
Purchase a mosquito net: $10
Donate toward a nurse midwife salary: $25
Donate toward lab equipment: $50
Donate toward surgical theater equipment: $100


Take Action!

Please sponsor an affected parent or child, or simply make a donation.