Almost three quarters of the employed population in Uganda works in agriculture. Everyone must know how to grow food, first for consumption and second as a source of income. Livestock is a valuable commodity and a key to a family’s financial well-being.


This program helps families increase crop production; provides loans for the purchase of livestock for income or food; and teaches courses in sustainable agricultural and livestock management; improves agro-economic practices by organizing families into farmer groups and developing demonstration gardens at the St. Lawrence School.

Our Children’s Enterprise program provides loans to children to raise an animal of their choice: chickens, rabbits, goats or pigs. The loan is paid back when the offspring are sold, with any profits deposited in the childrens’ own bank accounts for their future education.

Fund a cow: $135
Fund a goat: $50
Fund a pig: $50

Bosco and His Pig

Meet Bosco and his pig and learn about CALU’s micros enterprise program.

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