Water is a scarce resource in the arid regions of Uganda. Women and children spend hours walking to streams and ponds to collect small amounts of often contaminated water, making it the source of life-threatening illnesses. We have made access to clean water a priority for our students and their families.

Watch this video to learn more about our amazing journey. It began in 2009 when NJ school children began collecting quarters and continues through 2014, when Ugandan school children celebrated clean onsite running water.


Launched in 2009, this program harnessed the enthusiasm of U.S. students to make a difference. With the help of schools, generous donations from Rotary Clubs, Merck & Co. Inc., the Segal Foundation and many individuals, we funded a hydrological survey, drilled a well and built the infrastructure to bring clean, plentiful water to the St. Lawrence School, the health center, nursery school and over 600 members of the Migyera community.

Now, we are expanding our efforts and focusing on the broader community and hygiene education.  For families who do have access to water from ChangeALife Uganda’s water project, we have implemented Phase 2 of Quarters for Water, a WASH initiative (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) consisting of raising roofs, installing gutters and water-collection tanks and constructing  filters at each family’s home as the next phase of our campaign.  In addition WASH teams formed at schools will share good hygiene practices with their families and members of their village.   By training women on how to make and sell hygiene products like soap and washable sanitary pads, their families benefit not only from access to these products but from the income received through their sales.

Be part of the connection: Buy a $25 section of the filtration system for clean water.

Take Action!

Start your own QuartersForWater movement at your school or in your community!

Change A Life Uganda: The Celebration of Water (WASH)