St. Francis Health Center

Mothers Give Birth Safely and Comfortably at

St. Francis Health Center

St Francis Migyera Health Center III has had an incredible opportunity to improve patient care for mothers. Early this year on 22nd March 2016, the facility received a donation of maternity equipment and supplies for the antenatal, maternity and postnatal mothers.

With the acquisition of new delivery bed, the mothers can comfortably push and deliver their babies.

DSC06915 - 20160627_095413

Old delivery bed

DSC06930 - 20160627_095413

New delivery bed

In addition to the fetal scope, a fetal doppler will allow the mothers to listen to their baby’s heartbeat.

DSCN0552 - 20160627_095413

DSC06904 - 20160627_095413

Nagawa Agnes, 22 years old mother from Kyamukonda, came to St Francis Migyera Health Center on 6th April 2016 at midnight to deliver. Upon arrival she was given 2 Safestart clean birthing supplies (Mama kit) since she was expecting twins and did not have any cotton or baby wrappers. These essential supplies contained in the kit are not easily afforded by many pregnant mothers in rural Migyera. Mothers mostly come with clothes from home and unwashed rags to wrap their babies.

DSC06891 - 20160627_095413

At exactly 6:00 am in the morning she gave birth to 2 bouncing baby boys. She was so grateful for the kits because this meant safe delivery, infection prevention for mother and baby and a less clinic bill. Above all for the luxurious delivery bed.  She also testified about the comfort of the delivery bed.

DSC06896 - 20160627_095413

Thanks to a grant from the Gould Family Foundation and the Segal Family Foundation, St. Francis Health Center received a new maternity suite allowing the Health Center to offer a new level of quality antenatal care and maternity services.