How are the sponsored children identified
Parents, teachers, social workers and Fr. Lawrence identify children with the highest potential for academic success coupled with demonstrated leadership skills and the most need.

What benefits do sponsored children receive?
We focus on the health and well being of the whole child and help children of various ages who need sponsors. Each of our sponsored students receives tuition, a uniform, school supplies, daily nutrition, a mosquito net, counseling and health services to support successful learning. We offer boarding for primary school children who are orphaned, unable to live and study at home and when students enter primary six. We also provide boarding for secondary school and post secondary students.

How do I become a sponsor?
Becoming a sponsor is a significant commitment and we hope you will be that child’s sponsor through the university or technical school.

Download and complete the ChangeALife Uganda sponsorship application form by clicking here. Mail it to:

ChangeALife Uganda, 46 Oakmont Lane, Jackson, NJ 08527 or email to jsemler@changealifeuganda.org. We will follow up with you about selecting a student.

What is the cost of sponsorship? What are the annual fees?
As students progress in their education, the cost of tuition increases. A sponsor may wish to fund their student’s increased cost. However, some sponsors are not able to increase their contributions; therefore, student’s fees can be funded through co-sponsorships, group sponsorships or donations. Annual renewal letters are mailed in March.

Primary School:
Tuition: $360 for three terms or $30/month for 12 months
Boarding: $300 for three terms or $25/month for 12 months
Combined T & B: $660 for 3 terms or $55/month for 12 months

Secondary School:
Tuition: $600 for three terms or $50/month for 12 months
Boarding: $300 for three terms or $25/month for 12 months
Combined T & B: $900 for 3 terms or $75/month for 12 months

Post Secondary / University:
Tuition: $1,200 / yr for fees & boarding or $100/mo. for 12 months

Becoming a sponsor is easy. Follow the steps below and you can change the life of a Ugandan child!

Why is boarding important?
Some children need to board at school to succeed because of the distance they live from school or because their home situation is challenging. However, the primary reason for boarding is academic. In addition to the benefits of a bed, clean water and nutritious food, a student who boards benefits from the required “study time” before class and in the evening to enable them to meet the demands of the challenging curriculum.

What do I write to the child I am sponsoring?

ChangeALife Uganda encourages sponsors to write to their child and encourage them to focus on their studies. Although Ugandan children speak the local language, Swahili, at home, they learn to speak and write English, the official language of Uganda, in school (Swahili was designated in 2005 by the Ugandan Parliament as the country’s second official language). It is a special experience for the child to receive a personal communication from their sponsor and they cherish the letters and photos that are sent.

How do I send a letters or gifts to a child I sponsor?
Sponsors who wish to send a letter can do so by either regular mail or email.

Send mail and / or packages to:

Name of Child
ChangeALife Uganda
P.O. Box 23469
Kampala, Uganda

If you prefer email, send your letter to jsemler@changealifeuganda.org with child’s name, number in the subject line. It will be forwarded to Uganda, printed and given to the child.

Gift Ideas:

Keep in mind that postage is very expensive. Mail takes 2 – 3 weeks to arrive at the post office or a donation waits until the next time funds are wired. When our staff is notified, the gift is picked up and all items in the box are recorded before delivering it to the child. If the child is on holiday from school, it may take longer.

  • School supplies: pencils, sharpeners, pens, crayons, scissors, rulers, and calculators
  • Atlas, dictionary, word building books, reading and activity books, stickers, photographs
  • Sports equipment (soccer balls, Frisbee, jump rope, net ball for girls)
  • Clothes (climate: lows in 60s & highs in lower 80s); girls: no shorts
  • Postcards or maps from your state
  • Scrabble board game
  • Give an animal: A gift of a chicken, rabbit, goat, or pig whose offspring, when sold, can provide nutrition and income for the child and their education. See children’s microenterprise program.

Please do not send money in the mail. If you wish to give money as a gift perhaps for a pig, chicken or goat project, mail it to ChangeALife Uganda, 46 Oakmont Lane, Jackson, NJ 08527. It will be designated for your child when funds are wired.

Will the child I sponsor write back?
Letter writing is an educational experience. Teachers help the children to express their thoughts and feelings and provide guidance if needed. The children write twice a year.

The children and their families are incredibly grateful for additional gifts or donations they receive and will send  a thank you letter. Because processing a donation or delivering a gift may take a while, it can be a number of months until you receive a thank you. A photo of the child with your gift is taken, a thank you letter is written and emailed or mailed to the US and then to you.

What information does a sponsor receive from ChangeALife Uganda?
Sponsors receive a donation receipt, your child’s profile and photo and guidelines about letter exchange and sending gifts. A bi-monthly newsletter with updates on sponsorship, current events Ugandan culture and all issues related to the successful sponsorship of a child is e-mailed. Once a year you will receive the child’s report card and updated photo.

Do sponsored children ever leave the program?
At times a sponsored child’s circumstances may change. For example, families may move and a child will be forced to leave the Sponsorship Program or they don’t maintain the grades or don’t take this opportunity for education seriously. We will inform the sponsor if this occurs and will offer the opportunity to support another child in need.

Does each child have only one sponsor?
Most children have one sponsor. Some are sponsored by a group of friends or colleagues who collectively fund one child’s education. When the child enters secondary school, the cost of education increases. We offer the sponsor the opportunity to support the child’s secondary and university education or co-share.

How long should my sponsorship last?
ChangeALife Uganda offers the opportunity to sponsor a child until the completion of their education. A small percentage of students continue on to Vocational School or the University. However, because circumstances can change, sponsorships may be discontinued at any time.