Income Generating: Poverty is widespread in Uganda and affects the ability to sell products and make a profit. Due to limited resources, feeding a family can be a daily struggle.

Our microfinance programs bring opportunities to women and their families by helping them to develop marketable businesses and agricultural skills to establish and maintain financial independence and economic stability.

This program teaches women and students to create baskets, handbags, necklaces and bracelets from recycled paper. Read More

CashForTailoring empowers women to become financially independent through learning how to sew and developing advanced tailoring skills. Read More

This program helps families increase crop production; provides loans for the purchase of livestock for income or food; teaches sustainable agricultural and livestock management; improves agro-economic practices by organizing families into farmer groups; develops demonstration gardens at the St. Lawrence School. Read More

We empower parents by offering a specialized loan program including training, support and follow-up to assist families in creating successful small businesses. Read More