Education: Since education is the cornerstone of our mission, our programs aim to increase primary, secondary and university school attendance, leading to higher graduation rates. We do this by creating learning environments with improved student/teacher ratios, teacher training, safe sleeping arrangements and covered tuition for disadvantaged students. We also offer adult literacy classes to empower parents and help them become more engaged in their children’s education.

For as little as $360 a year, you can provide an education to an underprivileged or orphaned child, who without your help would have never been able to attend school. Read More

Through this program, a child who lives miles from the St. Lawrence School or who has a challenging family situation will receive a place in the dormitory. Read More

When you sponsor a teacher, you provide that teacher with a higher salary, housing, medical care, professional development and classroom supplies. Read More

When you educate adults to speak, read and write English - the official national language of Uganda - and to use numbers, you empower them to become confident and self-reliant. Read More