Faith Nanyonjo

Faith Nanyonjo, 12, is a very smart girl who enjoys her time in school. Last term, she was the 2nd of 69 students in her 5th grade class. Now in 6th grade, she excels in mathematics and participates in the journal writing and the newsletter clubs. In her free time, she likes reading books. She lives with her parents and 7 siblings in a three room house on a small piece of land in Migyera near the police station. Uganda companies Their home is two kilometers away from the St. Lawrence School where she attends the day session. Her mother participates in the basketry program at BUMU shop which provides some income for the family. Her father does farming on a small scale and and all the food is used to sustain the family. Faith is the youngest of the siblings; only 4 are still in school.

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