Dream and Achieve!

The  success of two CALU young women.

Kellen Kayesu looks forward to a bright future as a nurse and midwife.

Meet Kellen Kayesu one of our sponsored students who is attending the Gulu School of Nursing and Midwifery.  Kellen’s clinical field practice will be at Lalogi Health Centre IV in North Uganda before sitting for her final exams this year.

Kellen as a fourth grader, was one of the earliest children to enter CALU’s sponsorship program.  After graduating from St. Lawrence Primary School, she completed her secondary education at St. Cyprian Chavanod School in Luweero, Uganda.  Kellen followed her heart and with support from her sponsor, Helene Baker and CALU’s staff she remained committed to her goal of becoming a nurse and midwife.  Her journey as a child wasn’t easy as she was separated from her family and lived with her aunt.  Kellen is one of the lucky children who through education, has an opportunity to change herself, her family and community. During her holidays Kellen gives back by volunteering at the St. Francis Health Centre III in Migyera.

July 5, 2010 Helene Baker visited with 12 year old Kellen.


We are so proud of Apili Evalyne the first child whose education Dave and Jean sponsored. No longer a child, but a beautiful young woman helping others as a nurse.

Meet Apili Evalyne, the first student sponsored by Change A Life Uganda! Like Kellen, Apili was sponsored when she was 10 years old and in primary 4. She and her siblings became orphans as young children and faced many challenges growing up. Now 21, Evalyne has fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse.  Her sister Mary is a teacher and Ceci owns a hair dressing salon.  Both sisters are graduates of CALU’s sponsorship program.

Apili shared with GlobeMed Rutgers students during their visit to Uganda this summer the following: “Whenever life is hard, God will put in your heart how to respond to everything. I joined ChangeALife when my mom had passed on.  Now I call Jean and Dave my parents and they always receive my problems. Although not always in Uganda, they are coordinators who I can talk to.

I continue with prayers, because the time when my mom passed on was really hard; life was so hard. When life is hard, people are few, but they can help you. So I advise students of ChangeALife or anyone is to be patient, it pains but pays. I have always been patient; that’s why most people know me as “ChangeALife”. My life was really hard, but right now I am able to stand on my own.  As Jean and Dave said from the beginning, ‘Always put interest and heart into what you are doing and you’ll achieve what you want.’”

Congratulations Apili for achieving your goal.  We know it was not easy for you but you persevered.  Dave and I are excited to see you grow and wish similar success for all the other students who are sponsored by our wonderful caring CALU sponsors.

August 2006, little Apili Evalyne, age 10 meets Dave and Jean.