We invite you to join us as we Build for Success!

We transformed St. Lawrence School from a failing, substandard rural school with 90 students into the number two ranked school in the district with close to 600 students.

Help Us Build on Success:  We need to expand the St. Lawrence School to provide a kitchen and multipurpose room where the children can gather for assemblies and eat indoors for the first time.  It will include four classrooms, a teachers’ room and dedicated computer room.  Today our classrooms are crowded and our students eat outside on the ground – rain or shine.

The multipurpose room will serve as a dining room where students can eat at tables and learn to use utensils preparing them for life beyond the village.


As of March 1, 2017 we have raised $94,000 toward the estimated building cost of $237,000.  The ground was cleared and the footings poured this past summer, the concrete slab was completed early February and  construction on the first level walls continued throughout February.

Progress – Working on The Ground Floor


The walls go up! February 25, 2017

Fr. Lawrence Kimbowa explains the dining/multipurpose building project.

How will the multipurpose facility benefit the children?  

St. Lawrence School is committed to educating the whole child.  It therefore must be a place of CHANGE where children learn how to use a fork, spoon and table manners, which they cannot learn at home due to lack of facilities.  The four new classrooms will reduce class size from over 90 to below 60, technology will open a new world of learning for our children, music, dance and student assemblies will no longer be outside in the hot sun or rescheduled because of rain.

Front Elevation                                                                                                              Side Elevation

$10 – Cement Bag – 2000 needed
$400 – Window – 45 windows 
$600 – Door – 18 doors .
$2,300 – Electrical Installation – 5 units  to “spark” creativity!

   $1 – 10 bricks 
   $25 = 250 bricks;  
   $50 = 500 bricks;  
   $100 – 1,000 bricks                                              
   $10,000 will see the building soar! (100,000 bricks)

You can help us Build for Success by making a donation today online or by mailing a check payable to ChangeALife Uganda at 46 Oakmont Lane, Jackson, NJ 08527.

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