Away We Drone


Away We Drone
Visit ChangeALife Uganda’s Project in Migyera, Uganda

St. Lawrence School and St. Francis Health Center From The Air
Amazing…Don’t Miss It! !

Welcome to St. Lawrence School and Health Center, Migyera
Away We Drone

  • The U shaped buildings are classrooms and a dormitory with a soccer field in front of the school.
  • Rotating to the left is the church and further to the left the school’s gardens, teacher housing and a road.
  • The road and 10 acres were purchased in 2015 for future expansion of St. Lawrence School and a new Secondary School.
  • The end of the video zeroes in on the Health Center, a rectangular building.

When we started in 2007 the school had 4 classrooms, no teacher housing, no water and there was no health center. We have come a long way thanks to all of you.  Hope you enjoyed this unique journey to Migyera!

This is the YouTube link to the video: