At Least A Smile

Meet Kigundu Harriet, age 32, who lives with her husband Kigundu Aginious Tyaba, age 55, her two daughters and four sons in Nabbingo Parish, Betaka Village which is 14 km from Kampala city.

Madam Kigundu narrates that “Before LiteracyForLiving Program came into our area in October 2012, life was hard. had never gone to school during my childhood. Sometimes I felt so small when my sons and daughters spoke English during their free time after school. Sometimes I thought that they were talking about me. There was no happiness in my life because I could not express my self near educated people due to the fear that they might start speaking English, which I could not answer. Now I am very grateful to ChangeALife Uganda. Through LiteracyFor Living, I can try to write and read things like my names, alphabet letters, greeting, introducing myself, reading short stories with simple English which was not there before in my life.”

“Life was very hard because I used to fear going in the bank to pay school fees for my children because I could not manage to write on the pay bank slips. Withdrawing money from the bank was a problem because they would disturb me over five times to get my own money saying that I cannot sign for the money. I ended up using a thermo print for the transaction to be successful. But now that I was taught how to go about it, I just sign once and receive my money and this is an achievement in my life.”

“I am very happy because whenever I visit a home or any office with the visitors’ book I can write my names and sign next to it. Previously, I would dodge or tell someone to write for me which made me feel small and lose my self esteem.”

“I am also pleased with different topics we study which are useful in our day life, like literacy, agricultural ritual practices and home sanitation. This has helped me to improve on my day-to-day life, as I want to be an entrepreneur and make farming my business.”

“Also nutrition in my family was very poor, not because we did not have requirements, but we lacked the knowledge of what a balanced diet is and how to utilize our land to plant vegetables and other needed foods. Now, I am very happy because a balanced diet for my family is the order of the day. Uganda map . I cannot prepare meals for my family without balancing the nutrients of foods like vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. This has improved the health of my family members.”

“The training on gender equity and HIV/AIDS has helped my family because now I know my responsibilities and rights as a woman. Also, I learned how to treat my husband by helping each other, which was not something we did before. My family and other members of the group are now aware of the disease of HIV/AIDS.”

“Since LiteracyForLiving came into my life, hygiene for my family is the first priority to prevent diseases from using a latrine and bathroom. General cleanness at home was emphasized by our teachers.”

“Lastly I can say that am very happy because my life has really changed. I appreciate the work done by the teachers and social worker. I thank the management of ChangeALife Uganda for their effort in helping me and other members in the group. Long live CALU. Long live Father Kimbowa.

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