ChangeALife Uganda is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children and their families in Migyera and Nabbingo, Uganda through quality education, healthcare and income-generating programs.


According to our founding visionary Father Lawrence Kizito Kimbowa, “Africa is a place that needs help. How best can we help? The best way is to empower people with education and involve them in the planning process of their development. The vision is to have an educated, healthy and economically empowered child as a catalyst of change. They then become the hope of their community and advocates for their own issues. Let us sponsor these children and put them in school.”

Father Lawrence was sponsored by an American donor whose generosity provided for his education. Father Lawrence understands that educating Ugandan children requires supporting their families as well, in order to change the child, the family and the village. This is why we also focus on family healthcare and income generating opportunities. We are dedicated to giving each child the rare opportunity that Father Lawrence was afforded as a child – a quality education and a chance to make a difference and, like him, become an agent of change.


Education is the cornerstone of our mission. Our child sponsorship program, DollarsForScholars enables disadvantaged and orphaned children to attend school. These programs work to increase primary, secondary and university school attendance, leading to higher graduation rates.

In addition to education, we empower our students by supporting their families with programs designed to provide access to healthcare and income generating opportunities. These programs, QuartersForWater and MoneyForMedicine, address local health issues such as clean water, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhea, and various respiratory diseases.

Our microfinance programs, CashForCrafts, CashForTailoring, FundsForFarming and FinancingForFamilies offer training and economic stability for families.

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Half of Uganda’s population is under 15 years old. Many children have lost either one or both parents to HIV/AIDS and for most children, a quality education is not an option.